“Making a difference on the road through volunteer travel initiatives”

If you’re looking for meaning in your travels, volunteering while on the road is one of the most rewarding ways to find it. It enables you to really immerse yourself in a destination while getting well away from the trodden tourist track.

Transform your perspective...

Travel volunteering offers a rare opportunity to work alongside local communities (rather than watching in as an outsider on village tours) and get a first-hand insight into the challenges they face. It will transform your perspective on the world and you’ll leave with a greater awareness of the diverse conditions in which people live.

Learn new skills...

It’s also a fantastic way to learn new skills, whether you’re contributing to the build of an eco-house, planting organic produce on a rural farm or teaching English to bright-eyed children. You can contribute to environmental research projects in the Amazon, get hands-on in a Costa Rican turtle hatchery or build schools in remote Thai villages.

Improve your language skills...

You’ll not only have the opportunity to improve your language skills but you’ll probably come home a completely different person. No matter where you dream of traveling, there’s probably a volunteer project available!


“Volunteering at a village school in Myanmar”

If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities to help inspire you, here are just a few websites to get you started:

WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) (

Wwoofing’s an idea that most people are probably familiar with and it’s a great way for those with a “green thumb” to do something they love in a completely new destination (with your food and accommodation thrown in for free). After signing up, you’ll have access to around 1000 Wwoofing projects in more than 50 countries, almost guaranteeing you’ll find a project that suits you.

Work Away (

Work Away uses a similar concept to WWOOF, but rather than focusing just on organic farming, they offer a range of different projects that might include caring for wildlife, teaching English or building a permaculture lodge. Once you sign up to the Work Away platform, there are plenty of projects to inspire and help plan your global travels.

GVI (Global Vision International) (

Global Vision International offers both volunteer placements and internships in 12 countries across Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Latin America and North America. You can teach English to monks in Laos, help out at a research station in the Amazon or join a marine conservation expedition in Fiji. Projects range from a week up to an entire year, with internships that are ideal for those looking to work in a particular industry.

Global Volunteers (

Operating for over three decades, Global Volunteers is on a mission to improve the lives of disadvantaged children through access to education, health care services and sanitation. They run projects across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, North America, South America and the South Pacific. Signing up to a program with Global Volunteers could see you building schools, providing a support role for teachers and working alongside locally-run community partnerships. 

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